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Album-Review: King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard – Laminated Denim

King Gizzard release their fourth album this year and their second in October after last week's "Ice, Death, Planets, Lungs, Mushroom and Lava".

Few days after their last project, King Gizzard continue where they left off. Laminated Denim is the second album released this October by the Australian madmen and another jammy project. Marketed as the spiritual successor to Made In Timeland, Laminated Denim has not a lot in common with its alleged spiritual predecessor on a deeper level: The album isn't electronic and it's much more structured and logical; it is not experimental playing ground, but King Gizzard doing what they do: psychedelic rock. In short, it's nothing really new.
Like on their last LP Ice, Death, Planets, Lungs, Mushroom and Lava, the songs have quite some downtime where nothing really happens and the music slides into the background. Especially the first track The Land Before Timeland doesn't have a lot to offer except for, most notably, the synth solo at the end. It goes seamlessly into the next track, Hypertension, which is much more interesting as King Gizzard experiment with polyrhythms building off the steady beat set by the ticking of a clock. The song's second half is enough of a payoff for the 30-minute jam track that Laminated Denim really is. So even though King Gizzard don't do anything fresh or mind-blowing on this new record, it's still a pleasant listen worth returning to.

7 / 10