Album-Review: Jockstrap – I Love You Jennifer B

Jockstrap is a British duo consisting of singer and violinist Georgia Ellery — also known as a member of Black Country, New Road who dropped one of the best records this year — and producer Taylor Skye. The band is known for their experimental and glitchy approach to pop music which is contrasted by the sweetness of Ellery’s voice and melodies.
On their debut record, I Love You Jennifer B, Jockstrap successfully do just that: twisting pop in interesting ways while remaining emotionally accessible through some of Ellery’s finest vocal work.
The album’s defining track Concrete Over Water is the prime example of this — and also of the problems the project’s approach faces as the eccentric beat drop doesn’t quite seem to fit together with the vocal sections. The production seeming like an after-thought and some instrumental parts sticking out like sour thumbs are two phenomena reoccurring throughout the whole album. They ultimately don’t take away from the enjoyment too much though since they are done purposefully as stylistic means and keep things fascinating, unique and diverse.
I Love You Jennifer B is not without its flaws and misses the mark closing on 50/50, but it is a damn fine debut record featuring some absolute bangers and many great moments in between.

8 / 10

  1. Neon | 85
  2. Jennifer B | 85
  3. Greatest Hits | 90
  4. What's It All About | 80
  5. Concrete Over Water | 90
  6. Angst | 80
  7. Debra | 90
  8. Glasgow | 90
  9. Lancaster Court | 80
  10. 50/50 (Extended Mix) | 70