Album-Review: Gorillaz – Cracker Island

Cracker Island is the most disappointing Gorillaz album so far...

...and this comes from someone who didn't particularly like Humanz on release. While I still think that album is pretty messy and has a little too many inconsistencies, it grew on me a lot and is definitely more entertaining and bold than Cracker Island. Cracker Island to me doesn't seem to have much growing potential since most of the Gorillaz solo songs are forgettable and melodically underwritten, while the features are either underwhelming or overtake the whole song – or both, which is the case with New Gold, where Kevin Parker (Tame Impala) just completely steals the show making the song as memorable as it is mediocre because of the weak Bootie Brown verse. It stands out on the album though because it is one of the only songs waking you up from the dreamy synth pop beats; the other being the title-track which, frankly, can't wake you up from anything since it is the opening track. It sets up an energetic album that never happens.

But enough of the shade, there is still good in this album. Most of the songs are at least decent. Oil featuring Stevie Nicks is quite solid, The Tired Influencer has a satisfying drum beat and Silent Running is a touching song despite its occasionally cringy lyrics. In the second half, Damon Albarn drops the ball though. "Baby Queen" is cute but forgettable, Tarantula suffers from weird production choices, and why is a Bad Bunny song featuring Damon Albarn on this record? Anyway, Skinny Ape could be a good track but it's fast-paced breakdown section is phenomenally badly produced and then, the finale is another snoozer.

Also, what was the concept of Cracker Island again? Well, I guess, it's good that there's no emphasis on it because the lore and story to this album sucked either way.

6 / 10

  1. Cracker Island | 85
  2. Oil | 70
  3. The Tired Influencer | 70
  4. Silent Running | 80
  5. New Gold | 75
  6. Baby Queen | 70
  7. Tarantula | 55
  8. Tormenta | 55
  9. Skinny Ape | 65
  10. Posession Island | 65